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When you’ve been injured through the fault of someone else’s negligence, give us a call at Manuel & Thompson Attorneys at Law. With years of experience, our skilled attorneys are experts at handling client’s personal injury cases in Bonifay, FL, and surrounding areas. We’ll help you recover the fair compensation you deserve.

A Law Firm that Knows How to Win

It can be frustrating to not only deal with an injury itself, but also have to jump through the insurance claims hoops and face the growing stacks of medical bills. This is where we can help. Our expert attorneys listen carefully to your case and aggressively work to negotiate or litigate to win you the compensation you deserve to have.

We Handle a Variety of Cases

At Manuel & Thompson, we can handle a variety of different personal injury cases. Have you been bitten by a dog while out walking? Did you suffer a slip-and-fall accident at work? Were you hit by a negligent driver while crossing the street? Whatever your injury, we’ll work to give your case the justice it deserves.

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